The Flex Belt Review: Does The Flex Belt Really Work?


Have you spent years trying to do this fitness thing right? You’ve made smart food choices and you understand the importance of exercise. You get in your cardio and your strength training, but still you struggle to have the body of your dreams? Or perhaps you find it difficult just to fit a walk into your hectic schedule a few times a week, and you know your body shows your lack of consistency.

We all carry around in our mind an ideal image of what we wish our bodies could look like. Sometimes we will go to extreme lengths to try and make this image a reality. Sometimes it just seems too hard, and we give up hope that we will ever have that body at all. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall into, almost always these ideal images are centered on our stomachs.

Age, child bearing, weight gain or inactivity can really have an effect on the appearance and strength of our abdominal muscles. Ironically, the one area of our physical bodies that we focus the most attention on also happens to be the most difficult of all muscle groups to train. There are thousands of different workouts, videos, and pieces of equipment that promise the results you dream of. You’ve heard all the pitches, so your question now is, “What makes The Flex Belt different from all of those other products?”

What is Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is an innovative new technology in abdominal training. More importantly it is the first ab Belt Toning System with FDA clearance. To understand how Flex Belt works, let’s think about how traditional ab exercise works. To work the abdominal muscles they must contract at a certain intensity for a certain number of repetitions. But many of these exercises take a big chunk of time out of our other daily activities.

Flex Belt uses three gel pads that are positioned over the major ab muscles. Once activated, Flex Belt begins to send signals to the nerves in your muscles. These signals stimulate full, abdominal contractions. These contractions are the same as contractions you would experience during more traditional exercise such as crunches.

Flex Belt is better than traditional exercises, though, because of two important factors. First of all, Flex Belt allows you the freedom to carry on your regular daily activities during your toning session. Flex Belt wraps comfortably around your core and allows you full range of motion. Secondly, Flex Belt can stimulate more contractions in less time, meaning you get a deep, thorough ab workout in 30 minutes.

How Was Flex Belt Developed?

Flex Belt has 40 plus years of sports medicine science behind it. The medical team in Gallaway, Ireland responsible for the development of Flex Belt, spent years researching the best, safest way to stimulate the abdominal muscles using EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). The result is an effective, fitness tool to add to your diet and exercise efforts.

Since then, the makers of Flex Belt have continued to fine tune this technology to bring the public a safe alternative to traditional ab exercises. The technology behind Flex Belt is so unique; it was the first product of its kind to be cleared by the FDA specifically for abdominal toning. Because of its FDA status, you can be sure this product will provide you the safest, best results.

Flex Belt Results

Flex Belt produces real results because it is making your abdominal muscles do real work. A muscle becomes stronger and more toned through repetitive contraction and work. This is exactly what Flex Belt provides you with, appropriately intense, repetitive contraction of the abdominal muscle.

Flex Belt can produce up to 150 abdominal contractions within a 30 minute toning session. The equivalent of 150 crunches while you are vacuuming, or making your kids lunches, or working at your computer. With five 30 minute sessions a week, you will begin to feel tighter abs.

What People Are Saying

Flex Belt provides such amazing results that it has been endorsed by celebrities such as Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna. Professional athletes like San Francisco 49 Jerry Rice and Gold Medalist Janet Evans both say it is a great addition to their physical workouts. For these individuals their physical appearance and physical strength are two major components of their professions, and Flex Belt has helped them to maintain the abs they want.

Not just celebrities and athletes are getting results, though. Average people all over the country have renewed hope that they can achieve their fitness goals thanks to Flex Belt. Many individuals with back pain, such as Donna (a 36 year old stay at home mom) have found Flex Belt to be the only ab workout they can do comfortably. Having a strong core use to just be a dream for Donna, but after only six weeks she began seeing results with Flex Belt.

Things To Keep In Mind

Flex Belt is 100% safe and FDA cleared for abdominal toning. However, you should be aware of all proper maintenance procedures when dealing with any type of exercise equipment. Upon receipt of Flex Belt take time to carefully read all instructions to make sure you are using your product properly for best results.

Most importantly to remember is proper replacement of The Flex Belt gel pads. These pads are a crucial component to the safety of this product. Additional gel pads must be purchased periodically to ensure the best, safest abdominal toning.

Where Can You Get Yours?

Most people will spend hundreds of dollars over the years in gym memberships, videos, and special gadgets trying to tone their core abdominal muscles. Flex Belt can give you all you need in abdominal training in one 30 minute session a day in the privacy of your own house. Flex Belt can be ordered from The Flex Belt website and shipped to your home within days.

Flex Belt is a remarkable product, using the most up to date EMS technology to assist you in achieving all of your fitness goals. For individuals who still need a little help toning those very important core muscles, Flex Belt is a perfect fit. For individuals who want to tone their abs but still actually live their lives, Flex Belt easily accommodates your busy schedule. This is an amazing product that brings amazing results.

Customized Nutrition And Exercise With The Venus Factor

The Venus FactorWeight loss doesn’t have to be a struggle when you use the Venus Factor to get fit and slim down. The program works with all body types and it is customized for your individual body. It is easy to use and has helped thousands of women achieve the body of their dreams. Read on to learn more about how the Venus Factor works.

The Venus Factor is a three step program that incorporates a custom nutrition plan with a fitness plan and support from other women. You are supported on your weight loss journey through many levels and the program works whether you are at home or on the road.

When you make the decision to lose weight and sign up for the Venus Factor, you first receive a customized nutrition plan and manual. The plan is based on your age, body type, weight and height. Your plan takes your fitness goals into consideration and you will find meal plans, calorie goals and nutritional guidelines to help you lose weight.

As you get into shape, your plan will continue to change and evolve so it is always right for you. Each week you refer to the software and get the latest meal and fitness plans.

Next, you will take advantage of customized workouts that are designed to get you into shape safely and quickly. The workouts exercise your entire body and they change as your body changes. The plan gives you access to a database with more than 140 videos that provide detailed instructions for each exercise. The fitness portion is designed to complement the dietary portion of the program.

Sometimes you can feel isolated as you get into shape. Studies show that women who feel part of a community as they get fit progress faster and lose more weight. The psychological support you receive from other women is a huge motivator and will help make sure that you stick to the plan. Once you start the Venus Factor program, you gain access to a private community of other members. You can go to them for support and encouragement as you travel through your plan.

The Venus Factor weight loss program supports you on many levels and once you start it, you will lose weight safely. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, the program comes with a money back guarantee. Change your life with the Venus Factor.

Belly Dance Online Course

Belly Dance Online Course

You know; despite what people say, learning how to belly dance is not all that difficult. Sure; getting the motions down to absolute perfection is hard, but starting out in the world of belly dancing is not difficult in the slightest. The problem for many people is that they do not want to head to classes and the like for obvious reasons. This means that many people out there who want to belly dance never learn how to do so. Thankfully there is a way in which you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Let me introduce you to the belly dance online course.

The belly dance online course is a 50 step-by-step video course that is designed to be watched from within the comfort of your own home. The videos in this course are incredibly in-depth and you will be belly dancing to a decent standard in absolutely no time at all.

The videos total about eight hours in length. There are three different teachers throughout the course and you will learn five different styles of belly dancing. One of the wonderful things about the Belly Dance Online Course is the fact that whilst it is in-depth, the instruction is absolutely sublime. Even if you have never even so much as taken your shirt off to belly dance before, you should have absolutely no issues when it comes to understanding the basics. In fact; you will get down all of those basic moves within the first two hours of the course. You can stop at this point if you wish. You will already be a fairly proficient belly dancer. I am sure that by that stage you will want to take your skills to the next level however and you will most likely be more than happy to continue with the belly dancing online course.

Just as a side note, these are the dance styles that you will be covering throughout the Belly Dance Online Course: Turkish, Gothic, Egyptian and some Cabaret and Tribal styles.

Don’t get me wrong; just because this course is mainly geared towards beginners, it is something that even advanced dancers will want to take a little peek at. This is because the later stages of the Belly Dance Online course tend to focus on some of the more complex moves out there. Right at the end of the course, or whenever you are feeling a little bit confident for that matter, you can load up the hours’ worth of belly dance music that you have included in the package. This should help kick your belly dancing skills to the next level and really help you to put your moves into action. This is something which is always great when you are learning!

If you want to learn how to belly dance, why don’t you give the Belly Dance Online Course a purchase today? Check the options here: It could potentially be one of the best purchase decisions you have ever ended up making!